Future Domains - Piermont Grand EC Is Punggol Residents Top Choice http://futuredomains.club/story.php?title=piermont-grand-ec-is-punggol-residents-top-choice Piermont Grand EC is encouraging In-Principal Loan approval is encouraged before purchasing a unit Due to the Covid-19 scenario, some purchasers have actually discovered that their earnings have actually changed, partway via the procedure. They might have been retrenched, or loss their income as they need to wind down their existing service. Some of these buyers have actually received the Option to Purchase but have not exercised it; others have actually both received the OTP as well as exercised it. Due to their change in earnings conditions, some buyers would desire to back out of the bu Read Moreilding acquisition. The exercising of the OTP has to be worked out within a specified time frame, normally 21 days. If the OTP is worked out, the purchaser has to complete their obligation to finish the deal. The above timeline is for private residential purchase. For Piermont Grand EC, the exercising of the OTP is upon the approval from HDB. Mon, 21 Sep 2020 16:47:34 UTC en