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Sure, you may consider an erotic massagepart of foreplay, but to really make her truly ready for a night of sensual
pleasure, you have to give her a little massage foreplay. Start early in
the day with texts, emails, and innuendos to help ramp up the anticipation. Let
her know what she is in store for tonight. When you see each other, flirt and
touch like crazy. When the time comes for the erotic massage, she’ll be ready
for anything.

Instead of working into your next erotic massage, trygoing in strong and hitting her hot spots quickly. The point is to get her
motor running and keep i
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t going through the whole erotic massage. Pay attention
to erotic triggers like her inner thighs and her breasts, but don’t forget,
there are sensual zones all over her body. Caress her from finger to toe
and everything in between. Show her that this is going to be a magical ride
from the start.